The Laughing Hyena Band “Deer Hunting Songs”

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One of the most important qualities of a successful hunter is the ability to remain stealthy. In which case, we would strongly recommend listening to The Laughing Hyena Band’s hilarious albums “Fishing Songs,” “Deer Camp Songs,” and “Favorite Deer Hunting Songs” on the road or back at camp. Getting caught in the blind doing the “Deer Stand Shuffle” while the rest of the crew is locked and loaded is a surefire way not to get invited on the next trip. Trust us.


From classics like “Mighty Manly Hunting Men” to “Give Grandpa Some More Beans,” Laughing Hyena Records’ collection of hunting and fishing songs is sure to keep you entertained on the road, in the boat, around the campfire, and anywhere spontaneous laughter is welcome. So kick back and enjoy your huntin’ and fishin’ seasons with the best tunes and best jokes from the best comedians in the business. At Laughing Hyena Records, we’re always on the lookout for the best comedic talent for your enjoyment — and ways to keep you and your hunting and fishing buddies entertained all year long.

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“Deer Hunting Songs” Track List

1) Bungalow Bill
2) Grandpa Restocks the Cabin
3) Deer Hunting Is Great
4) Grandpa Brings Home The Deer
5) I Like To Drink Beer
6) Dick Cheney Bags A Lawyer
7) I Believe in Miracles
8) Happiness Is A Warm Gun
9) Grandpa Goes After A Buck
10) Deer Stand Shuffle
11) Deer Hunting Poem
12) 2nd Week of Deer Camp
13) Grandpa Shoots A Goat
14) Do You Want To Hunt Deer
15) A Word From The Deer