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Listen to 13 of Joey Holiday’s greatest hits that propelled him to the big top at trucking shows in Louisville, KY, and Walcott, IA. Joey writes and performs his own trucking songs. He and his wife Vicky drive team when they are not writing or singing. We reviewed a dozen Joey Holiday albums to pick these songs to put on his greatest hits album. Truckers enjoy the heck out of them.

Joey Holiday “Greatest Trucker Hits”

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“Greatest Trucking Hits” Track List

1) Jackson Street 229
2) Sea Of Twelve Volt Lights
3) Orange Cone Zone
4) 3 Licenses. 4 Logbooks And A Thermos Made of Chrome
5) Convoy Again
6) That Was Your Last Run
7) Outlaw Truckers
8) Shut Up Stupid
9) Out Here On The Open Road
10) All Because They Said They Would
11) Another Homeless Soldier
12) Breaker, Breaker, Breaker
13) Big Joe, The Phantom & Red Sovine