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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the one and only Larry Pierce: the raunchiest dirty country singer and songwriter to ever grace the stage! This guy can write and perform tasteless tunes like nobody’s business, and trust me; they’re so catchy you’ll find yourself humming them for days on end.

Larry Pierce had been trying to make it in the Nashville scene for a while, and with the help of Laughing Hyena, he finally hit it big. Larry Pierce’s songs quickly became a hit with truckers, travelers, and college students alike, and before long, you couldn’t drive down the highway without hearing one of his catchy tunes blasting from a nearby vehicle.

Larry Pierce’s songs were so catchy that people couldn’t help but hum them long after they had stopped playing. In fact, Larry’s talent was so impressive that a couple of college students decided to make a full-length documentary about him called “Dirty Country.” The film played at film festivals and was picked up for distribution, cementing Larry Pierce’s place as the ultimate dirty country singer and songwriter.

But Larry’s wild ride didn’t stop there. Oh, no–in 2005, he did a live show with the equally sleazy Colorado Springs rock band -itis in Minneapolis and went on to tour the country and perform more raucous live shows with the group. He even released his 14th album on his own private label, Hat Light Recordings, in 2007. If that wasn’t enough, Larry made a few appearances on “The Howard Stern Show,” which just goes to show you how talented this guy really was. For years, it seemed like all dirty-minded folk loved Larry Pierce’s engaging songs.

Larry Pierce “Songs For Studs”


1 Do That Sexy Dance You Do
2 Love Your Neighbor
3 Make Your Daddy Happy
4 Girlie Magazines
5 On The Hood Of A Car
6 Don’t Believe That Lie I Gave You
7 The Sheriff Wore A Dress
8 I Never Missed A Lick
9 I Don’t Want Another Wife
10 Does It Say Gucci On Your Underwear?