A friend of Larry Pierce sent in a promotional copy of a couple of his songs to Laughing Hyena Records. Larry had been trying to make it in the Nashville scene for a while. When we heard the talent we went nutso. This guy could write tasteless tunes like nobody’s business. We mean they were so catchy you found yourself humming them later while the songs played in your head.
Originally marketed to travel centers Larry’s albums took on a life of their own. Truckers, sales people, travelers and road warriors were singing Larry Pierce while they drove down America’s highways. Then they made their way onto college campuses and could be heard blaring from dormitories and fraternity houses. A couple of college men who heard them decided after they graduated to make a full length documentary film about Larry, which was called “Dirty Country”. The film played at film festivals and was picked up for distribution,
A humble man Larry stays in his home in Middleton, IN and now plays occasional gigs around Indiana. We talked with him about starring in a Las Vegas show, but he did not like the idea of being away from home that much. This retired General Motors worker recorded thirteen albums for us, the best of which we have featured on this website.
Count Howard Stern as a fan also. Larry is on the show regularly and Howard Stern has dubbed him the Beatles of Dirty Country Music. To sample Larry’s music buy his Dirty Old Man album, which is a sure fire crowd pleaser.

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