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Another in the fabulous series of Monique Marvez’s albums.  The iconic Ms. Marvez sees the male-female relationship for what it is, rather than what it pretends to be.  That is a theme that earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Comedian.  Well-spoken and sharp as a tack, an evening with Monique is a hallowed event.  You get your funny-on and learn something about the opposite sex at the same time.  The iconic Ms. Marvez.  The delight of open-minded audiences everywhere.  No wonder she always gets standing ovations.


She talks about her Mom some on this album.  How her Mom used to keep track of her dates when they lived together.  Each date had its own page in Mom’s book on her dating life.  After a while, Monique’s book was torn up.  My mother, my martyr.  She had become Monique’s vagilibrarian and she knew who had brought back her book late.


The word that comes to mind after listening to this album is delightful.  She plays with her audience and they enjoy being part of the show.  She says she is not even a comedian.  She just wraps the truth up in bacon so it will go down easier.  As for her three marriages, she says those who do, do, and those who don’t teach.

Monique Marvez “Laughs From ABroad”

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“Laughs From ABroad” Track List

1. I Judge No One
2. Vagilibrarian
3. Millennials Are Easy
4. You Gotta Have Friends
5. 2 Husbands, 3 Dogs Ago
6. Weird Girlfriend Conversations
7. At Least Brothers Get Love
8. Man Hunt
9. Power in Two Places
10. Lower Than That
11. Barbie Girls
12. Hot Older Chicks
13. She Always Cares
14. Shame is Feminine, Not Feminist
15. My Mom, My Martyr
16. Man up and Up
17. Disneyland
18. Endangered Platypenis
19. Buckle up, Care Less
20. Let it Go Too
21. Third and Best Super Power
22. As I Leave You, Love