Meet a comedian who is an absolute delight, if not an afternoon delight. Listen to the musings of Monique who is wise beyond her years. You will think they are jokes but they are actually the truth wrapped in bacon so they go down easier. Do you know what rocket sauce is? Listen and discover. A great magnet pulls all souls the same way.

When HBO launched HBO Max they chose a video of Monique doing her stand-up to entice viewers to sign up. Take a moment for that to sink in. Monique is simply unique in her material about relationships, unlike most female comedians. Want to know what makes women tick? Here is a comedian who can explain it to you hilariously. ‘Don’t yell at men. Loud noises upset them. Men want you to be happy but how to do that is not in their bag of tricks.’

‘Whatever happens, happens. It’s the here and now. They were having such a great time in the now, the clock ticked out and they were dead. Monique is a generational talent which is why we keep recording her. They were just banging and having fun and ticked out.

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