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There once was a group of musicians in Nashville who had trucking on their minds. They recorded ‘L’il Brother Trucker”, “L’il Brother Trucker Hammer Down” and “Mother Trucker”.   “L’il Bother Trucker” was the first of the franchise albums. It combined creatively nasty with Nashville quality music and banter. They and their close friend Elmer Fudpucker originated the nasty trucker album sound that took the trucking world by storm


They gave us such lyrics as “He and his K-Mart tire iron stood about 10 foot six” Lil Brother Trucker was a mean mother fucker,  he kicked a lot of tires, kicked a lot of ass, so the story goes. L’il Brother Trucker was always in trouble and always getting yelled at. Like when he had a delivery that same day and he was up to his axels in some shitty lettuce field in California always getting into trouble.

L’il Brother Trucker “L’il Brother Trucker”

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“Little Brother Trucker” track List

1) Shit Happens
2) Chicken Chokin’
3) Bull Shit
4) Tennessee Turbo Truckin’
5) Dick Head’s Comedy
6) Little Brother Trucker
7) West Texas Turkey Trot
8) Lizzie the Lot Lizzard