Jay Hickman “Making People Laugh”

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Jay Hickman, the man from Winston Salem, North Carolina, is adept at “Making People Laugh”. That was his whole outrageous life spent performing in the Carolinas, Georgia. And Florida. Recorded in Myrtle Beach at Thee Doll House this performance contains one of the best laughs-per-minute ratios of all Hickman’s irreverent and exciting albums.


Join Hickman when he tells about his trip to Rome on Al Italia airlines, you know, the one with hair under its wings. And when he has a gas attack while double dating. And when he experiences a kidney stone in the emergency room. Trust us, it is hilarious. These and many more stories have established Hickman as one of the most clever and joyful comedians of his era.


Artistically hilarious Hickman has the gift of gab. His wish is that you enjoy his albums which are still some of the hottest properties around. You will be tempted to loan your recordings to your friends. Do not expect to get them back. If this is your first exposure to Hickman, you are in for a unique treat.  Listening to one of his albums is like prospecting for gold and finding it.

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“Making People Laugh” Track List

1) Training Women
2) She’s Not In the Mood
3) My Kidney Stone
4) Who You Calling “Boy”?
5) A Shark Can Smell Fear
6) Polish Coal Miner
7) Would You Love Me If I Were Broke?
8) What You Going To Name the Baby?
9) Viet Nam
10) The Parachute Won’t Open