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Meet the marvelous Ms. Marvez.  If she were sitting in Dr. Pjil’s chair the last ten years, the world would be a better place.  But she wasn’t, so listen to her here.  Her psychology is better and she is a hell of a lot funnier.

Can you imagine Dr. Phil figuring out that men have dreams about women who have short nails so they can do things (to men).  Or, strippers collect dollar bills from red-blooded working men so they can go and get their girlfriends a new pickup truck.  Yeah, yeah a GMC, stand for Give Me Cooter.

Monique likes lesbians because they get stuff done.  To go out for breakfast my straight girlfriends like Cindy, by the time she gets her Spanx all the way up, forget about it.  My lesbian friends, wake up, stretch, scratch under their titties and they are ready to go.  They are getting a Grand Slam breakfast in under eight minutes.

By the way, don’t anger a lesbian because they all know each other.  If you get one mad at you, you’ll never get a package from UPS on time again.

This has been collected from the wit and wisdom of Monique Marvez.  For more insights and laughs, listen to this and her other albums.

Monique Marvez “Sound Advice For Unsound Minds”

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“Sound Advice for Unsound Minds” Track List

1. I’m Not Blamin’, I’m Just Sayin’
2. Dad and Michael Jackson
3. Mom’s Rock!
4. Tank Never Full Again
5. Uterus’ Involved
6. Relationship with Their Junk
7. Keep it off Her Phone
8. Don’t Open the Movie with the Monster
9. Bad Man Picker
10. Get Off My Lawn!
11. Erin is a Tough Customer
12. Grandpa Loves Squirrels
13. Tribe of Two
14. Dibs on That Drumstick
15. She Gave Up Day Drinking
16. A Big GMC!
17. Low Maintenance Lesbians
18. Invisible Swordfight
19. Newlywed Porcupines
20. Prison, No Prison
21. Shar Pei On Top
22. Don’t Name Her Tammy
23. Remmeber To Forget