Reviews and Teasers

We recorded Mark when he was a road comic passing through Des Moines, Iowa. He stood out as someone special even then. His material is as tight as his wardrobe, with his button-down shirt and well-pressed blazer and tie. His material is so tight in fact it has been stolen by comedians who do that sort of thing.
He has opened for Howie Mandel, Dave Chappelle, and Rodney Carrington who introduced him to the folks at Capitol Records. They gave him his second record deal but his first Laughing Hyena Records release endures as an evergreen.
Mark’s ability to write comedy scored him jobs at Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect and at the Bob and Tom Radio Show. His bit about the Siamese twin brothers, one gay and one not, remains one of the best signature routines we have recorded. Listen to Mark Gross and find out what a sexual odometer actually is.
Enjoy the fertile mind of Mark Gross as he entertains you. You won’t go wrong here.

Mark Gross “Sexual Odometer”


“Sexual Odometer” Track List

1) Exotic Dance Club
2) Gay Siamese Twins
3) Don’t Marry A Hooker
4) Nipple Ring
5) Tongue Jewelry Hummer
6) Black-Eyed Pregnant Mannequin
7) Mom’s Tube Top
8) Bottle Of jack With Gramps
9) Love Pat On The Butt
10) Sweaty Suction Body Sounds
11) Good Butts
12) Honeymoon Virgins
13) Genital Shapes
14) Sexual Odometer