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From well over 100 songs of Larry Pierce on Laughing Hyena Records, we selected a baker’s dozen adult comedy country and western songs we thought would be particularly interesting to working men, or any men for that matter. Maybe even some women.   Because Pierce was a working man himself, making parts for Detroit’s vehicles in a factory near his Indiana home, picking these songs was easy. Pierce would pow-wow with fellow workers at the plant who knew that he was writing bawdy songs and get ideas for future songs from them during breaks. If he thought an idea suited him, he would craft it into a tight melody and lyrics line. How much of his catalog was from personal experience we will never know, but if he did all he wrote about, maintained a marriage and a 40-hr blue-collar plant job, he would have been one tired, over-worked, grinning, and exhausted mother ‘f***er.


On this album are some classic Pierce favorites including ‘I Eat P***y’, ‘Gigolo’ and the tender ‘F***ing You Is Always on My Mind’. As his fans know there is no such thing as a bad Larry Pierce album. This is no exception and easily warrants a place in your collection.  Gift idea – for that working man on your shopping list.  Share it on over to him on the right occasion.

Larry Pierce “Songs For Working Men”

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“Songs For Working Men” Track List

  1. Do That Sexy Dane You Do
  2. Love Your Neighbor
  3. Make Your Daddy Happy
  4. Girlie Magazine
  5. In the Rain
  6. Don’t Beleive ThaT Lie I Have You
  7. The Sheriff Wore a Dress
  8. I Never Missed A Lick
  9. I Don’t Want Another Wife
  10. Does It Say Gucci on Your Underwear?
  11. Fuck Your Brains Out (One Night Stand)
  12. Gigolo