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Waitress, actress, and model, Beth Donahue, aka Sweet Meat perform comedy with the best of them. Outrageous but not obtrusive, you get the feeling Beth has experienced what she is talking about. Beth holds nothing back so if you’re easily offended, take caution and avoid jokes like “Instant Pussy” and “Your First Blow Job” which also appears on “Blow Job Season” by Marilyn Martinez and her Nasty Friends.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Beth Donahue “Sweet Meat”

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“Sweet Meat” Track List

1) The Sexy Starfish [Explicit]
2)Girls Don’t Talk Like That [Explicit]
3) Speaking of Clits [Explicit]
4) Mentor, The Condom for Women [Explicit]
5) Contraception [Explicit]
6) I Give Bad Blow Jobs [Explicit]
7) Your First Blow Job [Explicit]
8) Whose Ass is This? [Explicit]
9) I Wear Men’s Underwear [Explicit]
10) The Chiropractor [Explicit]
11) Our Legs Don’t Go Behind Our Head [Explicit]
12) Smashed Against the Headboard [Explicit]
13) Weenie Between the Boobs [Explicit]