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If you already listened to ‘Dirty Old Man’ you are ready to listen to Larry Pierce’s second Greatest Hits package, released a decade later, called Favorite Downloads. As the title suggests these are electronically recorded listener plays contrasted to the prior CD buyers’ Laughing Hyena conversational feedback. The master of dirty country music keeps on delivering with 20 fabulous songs. All Pierce’s songs were recorded with the Nashville pool of recording talent. Los Angeles and Nashville have the most talented session musicians in the country, Nashville a little more so for country music.


The studio in which Pierce recorded does mostly serious country and pop music.  Recording a perfect country music song can take a full workday and can become tedious. That is a lot of time working on the same three-minute song over and over again. When the producer saw the musicians needed a refreshing break he had them lay down tracks for Pierce’s songs, which they loved doing.  They had fun doing the songs and their fun shows in his songs When the background tracks were done Pierce and his wife would drive down from Indiana and lay down the vocals. The project was fun as befitting Pierce’s intent, even though the straight-laced producer kept getting embarrassed by the lyrics.


We call your attention to ‘If You Want Romance, Just Unzip My Pants’, Let’s Get Drunk and Screw’(different than the Jimmy Buffett song), and the timeless ‘I Like to Fuck’. Get on the Larry Pierce joy train.

Larry Pierce “20 Favorite Downloads”

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Larry Pierce “20 Favorite Downloads” Track List

1 I Like To F**k
2 She’s a Nymphomaniac
3 Hillbilly Cock
4 F**k Your Brains Out
5 Hike Your Skirt Up Higher
6 This Girl Makes Me Horny
7 Don’t Tell Anybody I F****d You
8 We F****d In the Rain
9 Girls Were Made To F**k
10 Good Hard F*****g
11 I Asked Her for a Date
12 Get It Through Your Head
13 Gigolo
14 When the Carnival Came To Town
15 A Law Against Brassieres
16 I’m a P***k
17 She’s Been Eating Pussy Again
18 Let’s Get Drunk and Screw
19 She Licked My S*****m
20 If You Want Romance, Just Unzip My Pant