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When you want a good freeway laugh you turn to Elmer Fudpucker and his “Damn D.O.T.” sense of trucking humor. Written by Fudpucker and a trucking friend the hit song was #1 on the highway charts for the longest while. Every highway hero was humming the tune for years. The song was covered by others but none as well as the original by the charismatic Fudpucker, a noteworthy Nashville musician. On a trip there to tourist hotspot Printer’s Alley, we saw a bus bench bedecked with Fudpucker’s name and his hits, which were lengthy. Only Fudpucker promoted himself that way.


His megahit “Damn the D.O.T.” tells the story of a driver who topped a hill doing 75 going back to his hometown and his beautiful wife. His rig had broken springs and a tractor with just one eye. He had been taking those little white pills and had hissing air leaks.  Mind you this was old school before the CDL and current ten-hour driving limits. Hauling a truckload of beer he was overweight. He was passing anteaters and Peter cars, thinking he needed a break from all the freeway wars.


He peered through the night and saw a sign saying ‘Spot Check – Pull-in Please’. So he starts looking for a dark back road but there is none to be found. He thought ‘This is it’. He had to stop and be checked. Listen up to find out how the story ends.

Remember, don’t say Pud…..!

Elmer Fudpucker “Sings Damn D.O.T.”

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Elmer Fudpucker “Sings Damn D.O.T.” Track List

1) Damn D.O.T.
2) Mother Fudpucker Was a Trucker
3) Truckin’ S.O.B.
4) Red Neck M.F.
5) Peter
6) Fudpucker
7) The Stone Stranger