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Wake up, America!!! Pitts has been entertaining millions of Americans since 1985 — with his unique perspective of life in America. Earl was listened from to coast to coast on over 130 radio stations across America. He offers his views of the red-blooded, hard-working, right-thinking regular American. Ah, more or less. Earl Pitts is the longest-running short-form radio feature in history. Welcome to Earl’s world. Listen to his radio commentaries…and join in with your opinions too. And Pitts Off.

His comedic musings cover everything from amusing stories about his family and friends to his job at the local tavern. You’ll love hearing about his wife Pearl, son Earl Junior, daughter Sandra Dee, and good buddy Dub Meeker. And get this: Earl Pitts is the longest-running, short-form radio feature in history. This guy is a true comedy legend!

Earl Pitts “Earl Picks His Favorites”


“Earl Picks His Favorites” Track List

1) Earl and Pearl Talk
2) Garbage Night
3) Need To Be Carried
4) Extended Nursing
5) Better Than Sex
6) Real Junkyards
7) Cyber-Bullying
8) House Smells
9) Proof Against Evolution
10) Colonoscopy
11) The Coolest Tool
12) Dyslexia
13) Trapped Test
14) Wife Bomb
15) Kinds Of Ugly
16) Looks Matter
17) Dog Spas
18) Yogurt In The House
19) Woman’s Key Chain
20) Women Barcodes
21) Cow Gas Logic