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Commentary: Garbage Night



A couple of nights ago my old lady was crabbing at me, I don’t know. I had done something wrong. Or the kids had done something wrong, I don’t know. Somebody had done her wrong, I was not paying any attention. So, I said ‘Pearl, you got your shoes on woman? We are going for a walk.’ I figured a couple of laps around the block would take the starch out of it, Here is what it was; it was garbage night.


You ever walk around the block on garbage night. There are some pickings out there We had not gone two blocks when we found us a kiddie pool. That is a sweet deal. ‘Pearl, you stay there. I am going to get the truck. Garbage night is a sweet deal. We got us a jigsaw with a frayed cord, a rotating CD changer, and a Bar-B-Que grill that was only slightly rusted out. Pearl found us some pillows, a couple of light shades and then we come around the corner and I ain’t kidding, it is the Holy Grail of garbage night. A riding lawnmower. That is like hitting the lottery right there.

We could not get it up in the truck so I tore off a couple of lamp cords and I was trying to hitch it to the bumper. I thought we could tow it back to the house.


Then this old guy came out of the house like his pants were on fire. Then I say ‘It was on the curb. It is official city garbage. He says “Well, I changed my mind, unless you want to buy it for 50 bucks’. I said ‘50 bucks you are cracked? That sucker probably won’t even run. Pay me 50 bucks and you can find out’. I cut it loose and said ‘forget you’ and drove off. We waited three hours for that guy to go to bed before we took it. Wake Up America!                                       ©Burbank Creations

Earl Pitts “Earl Picks His Favorites”


“Earl Picks His Favorites” Track List

1) Earl and Pearl Talk
2) Garbage Night
3) Need To Be Carried
4) Extended Nursing
5) Better Than Sex
6) Real Junkyards
7) Cyber-Bullying
8) House Smells
9) Proof Against Evolution
10) Colonoscopy
11) The Coolest Tool
12) Dyslexia
13) Trapped Test
14) Wife Bomb
15) Kinds Of Ugly
16) Looks Matter
17) Dog Spas
18) Yogurt In The House
19) Woman’s Key Chain
20) Women Barcodes
21) Cow Gas Logic