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Alonzo Bodden became known in America by winning the 2003 edition of “Last Comic Standing” with its substantial first-place money. He had placed second the previous year. Standing at a well-built 6’4” he had complained of just getting security guard and police roles in the movies.


On the CD “He Had Me at Black” he riffs about politics, young girls, and red-state secession. Justin Trudeau told him he is welcome in Canada if things get out of too edgy in the U.S… National Public Radio cast him on the original “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” and he is still is a frequent guest twenty years later. On TV he has done two Showtime Specials, and an  Amazon Prime Video called “Heavy Lightweight”. His audio performances come out perfect, ready to hear. No editing needed. He is as hilarious as he is polished.

Alonzo Bodden “He Had Me At Black”

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“He Had Me at Black” Track Listing

1. What’s Up, D.C.?
2. Christmas in Vegas
3. Wal-Mart Black Friday
4. TV Garbage
5. Hungry Bears-Stupid Humans
6. Republican Reality Show
7. He Had Me at Black
8. New America
9. So Secede Already
10. Diving Off the Fiscal Cliff
11. Mayans? Again!
12. Google Jesus
13. Hockey Lockout
14. Basketball Dreams
15. Lance Armstrong Was Taking Drugs
16. Olympic Sized Sadness
17. Holidaze
18. Now That’s Advertising
19. Christmas Single
20. Young Girls
21. Where You From?