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Before Jay Hickman died at the tender age of 37 his last wish was to have a party with all his friends there.  Hickman rented us a limousine so we could arrive in style. We were greeted by Thee Doll House hostesses and drinks were on the house.  The event was well attended, and the remote recording truck was running cables into the club from the parking lot. Hickman was at the top of his game when the recording began. This would be the show of shows.


Hickman pulled out all the stops.  He told a joke about Bill Cosby doing a TV commercial for Ford cars. He was affronted by Cosby pitching Ford to Black guys and said the only time you see a Black man in a Ford is when he is handcuffed in the back seat of a police car. Hickman could be politically incorrect and if that suits you this is your album.  He did a limerick about Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick accident and said they calculated the car must have been going 90 mph for Mary Jo’s panties to wind up in the glove compartment. Politically incorrect I tell you.


Hickman includes his unique expression of titillating sex jokes about the likes of Blue Vein Throbbers – their characteristics and how you treat them.  Hickman was not above dick jokes.

You can be at the party via reel to reel tape to enjoy the party with all your friends. This album leaves a lasting impression.

Jay Hickman “The Duke Of Dirt”

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“Duke of Dirt” Track List

1) I Got No Luck With Cars
2) Sexy Cheerleaders
3) Yo’ Mama
4) Like When You’re First Married
5) Don’t Let Her Read Cosmopolitan
6) My Favorite Adult Bookstore
7) Celebrity Impressions
8) Marriage Manuals
9) Why Men Get Drunk
10) Do NOT Call Me ‘Boy’
11) There Once Was a Senator From Mass.