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Monique is a Latina dynamo on stage. Talk to her on stage. She will weave your words into part of the show. She even does her performance in Spanish for select audiences. Not only a highly accomplished stand-up, but she is also an on-air talent, screenwriter, author, podcaster, and above all Performer. The lovely Monique has three Showtime specials to her credit and a much lauded appearance on HBO Max’s HA festival, which HBO used early on to influence viewers to sign up for the channel.


In the radio world, Monique’s 20 -year career ran concurrently with a national touring schedule, performances for the military, and prestigious cruise ship bookings It began with Emmis Communication with a total format flip to showcase her talent, going on to win San Diego’s JACKFM’s Million Dollar Morning Show Contest and then leapfrogging onto L.A.’s venerable KFI AM 640, where she hosted her own eponymous news/talk show: a Saturday night wrap up of the week’s events for years. While doing so she launched a podcast to keep the interaction going, the very successful Third Hour.

Monique Marvez “Sliding You The Playbook”

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“Sliding You The Playbook” Track List

1. Nutcups, Skanks And Brian
2. Tattoos and Fertility
3. PC with Prostitutes
4. Monique-a-pedia
5. Close the Penis Door
6. He Can Swing the Hammer
7. I Did My Hair For This?
8. Ring Her Bell; She Will Tell
9. Probably Spurs Involved
10. Scrotal Recall
11. Breakdown a Brazilian
12. Gentle Tap, Like A Horse
13. Sliding You the Playbook
14. Men Don’t Care
15. 2nd Ninja Skills
16. Like A Rock
17. Show Up Ready To Play
18. The Last Word on Happiness