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This weather! Them soft summer breezes, soft summer sun.  If you are like me this weather makes a man’s mind turn to one thing – fishing.  Now fishing is what some guys do in the summer when the bowling alleys close up to reoil the lanes To guys like me your time spent fishing is more than that.


Fishing is a 16-ft monster boat with a 1200 horse merc cruiser, depth finder, variable control trolling. Motor, swivel seats, ice chest with two separate compartments for your beer and your nightcrawlers and minnows.  Fishing is a tackle box bigger than a midget’s coffin, $50 for spinners and jigs, lures and flies and rubber frogs and spoons and stuff, and then mostly fishing with worms.  Fishing is having that one hook in your tackle box the size of something you would see on the back of a tow truck, just in case.


Fishing is cussing, drinking, taking leaks in the lake, spending way too much time talking about hooters, and smoking cigars until your tongue curls up in your mouth. And of course, if the fish ain’t biting you can always do what we do, take you some 10-lb. test and a tackle hook and try to snag some jet skiers when they pass. Of course you have to catch and release them.

Earl Pitts “Huntin’ And Fishin’”

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“Earl Pitts Huntin’ and Fishin”

1) Fishing Is
2) Catfish Grappler
3) Python Hunt
4) Bass Tournament
5) Monkey Hunting
6) Catch and Release
7) Wheaties Fisherman
8) Woman In A Bait Shop
9) Bait
10) Caveman Hunters