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Thea Vidale is an American stand-up comedian and actress who starred in the ABC sitcom ‘Thea’ from 1993-1994. Vidale is noted as the first African American female comedian to have a television series named after her.


She hosted the AVN Awards in 2005 and 2009. She spoke often in her comedy routine about her troubled marriage that nonetheless produced four children, twin daughters, and two sons.

You may recognize her from her Rice Crispies television commercials.


And you will know her as that fabulous blue comedian who is one of your favorites.

Thea Vidale “Bitch’s Brew”

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This is a trailer for Thea Vidale’s hit comedy CD “Bitches Brew” presented to you by Laughing Hyena.


1. My Bum Knee
2. Obama Election
3. No Gun Control in Texas
4. Bored, Entitled Children
5. Me and Your Daddy Had a Meeting…
6. What Blacks Don’t Like
7. Long Movies
8. My Parents, Sisters and Brother
9. My Grandparents
10. Fear of Nature
11. Sex Part of My Show